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Tri-county Occupational Health Consultants customizes is programs to meet the individual needs of our client companies. Over the years we have developed experience over a broad range of occupational health related areas which has been built into a large resource pool that allows us meet your specific needs. The following list provides an over view of the resources available and areas where the service is available.
Work Site Testing  Training / Education:
Health and Safety
Training / Education:
O. H. Nursing
Seminar Programs Work Site Programs Legal
Work Site Testing Programs
Cholinesterase Blood Draws  Blood draws for insecticide / pesticide exposure SA-1
Hypertension Screening Blood pressure monitoring SA-1
Audiometric Programs Hearing evaluation and monitoring SA-2
Vision Screening Vision evaluation and monitoring SA-2
Pulmonary Function Testing Breathing capacity analysis for respirator use SA-2
Drug Screening On site sample collection for employee drug screening SA-2
Training / Education: Health and Safety
Back Care and Proper Lifting Instruction on back care and safety - various one to six hour presentations, 6-20 participants SA-2
CPR / 1st Aid Training Variety of four to ten hour classes available with certification, 6-15 participants SA-2
Blood Borne Pathogens Professional level instruction on understanding and dealing with blood borne pathogens - various one to four hour presentations SA-3
Eye Safety and Injury Prevention Illuminating offering on vision safety, one to two hour presentations SA-3
Controlling Hypertension Understand high blood pressure and what you can do about it, one to six hour modules SA-3
Right to Know Compliance Instructive explanation on the Right-To-Know rules and regulations, two hours SA-3
Job Safety Analysis Informative demonstration on how to perform a job safety analysis, two hours SA-3
Smoking Cessation Program Stop or die young, its your choice - eight week, sixteen hour program, 6-20 participants  (1, 6 and 12 mo follow up) SA-1
Training / Education: Occupational Health Nursing
Introduction to Occupational Heath Nursing Twelve week course presented at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois n/a
Advanced Practice for Occupational Health Nurses Eight week course presented at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois n/a
Seminar Programs
Keynote Addresses Kick off your conference right - topics include a variety of Occupational Health and Safety issues SA-3
Personal Motivation A positive presentation on personal motivation, one hour modules SA-3
Occupational Heath Nursing An introduction to Occupational Health Nursing for the casually curious, two  hours SA-3
Effective Communications How to communicate effectively, various one hour modules SA-3
Entrepreneurship Thinking of starting out on your own? - four to six hour presentation SA-3
Business Management Tips on how to organize and manage your business, one hour modules SA-3
Work Site Programs
Evaluation of Occupational Health Needs Work place Occupational Health evaluation  SA-3
Design of Specific Occupational Health Programs Program design and implementation for your O. H. needs (i.e. drug screening, hypertension screening, etc.) SA-3
OSHA Record Keeping and Compliance Record keeping recommendations and compliance review SA-3
Accident Investigation Determine probable causes and recommend corrective / preventative measures SA-3
Insurance Liaison Reduce premium / settlement costs by having a knowledgeable consultant communicate with insurance company SA-1
Case Management Reduce health costs and lost time with professional, certified counseling of  injuries and illness SA-1
Safety Review Office / plant safety compliance review SA-3
Essential Job Functions and ADA Compliance Bridging the gap between employee abilities and disabilities SA-3
Focus Groups Organize and / or moderate focus group(s) to get your in-house program off to a great start. SA-3
Expert Testimony Education and experience to determine culpability or vindication SA-1
Phone: 847-639-1377 or Fax: 847-639-3933 or E-mail: info@tohc.com
Work Site Testing  Training / Education
Health and Safety
Training / Education
O. H. Nursing
Seminar Programs Work Site Programs Legal
Areas of service: 
    SA-1 services available in Lake, Kane, Cook and McHenry counties of Illinois 
    SA-2 services available in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana 
    SA-3 services available in the United States
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